AMD Readies Radeon RX 7600 Series as NVIDIA Holds off on RTX 4060 Ti Release

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AMD is reportedly giving priority to its Radeon RX 7600 series over the RX 7700 series, with custom boards from exclusive AIB partners expected to be displayed at Computex 2023.

In contrast, multi-brand board partners are reportedly adopting a cautious stance toward the series. AMD might be grappling with the financial implications of an RX 7700 series product that could rival NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4070 series, while the forthcoming RTX 4060 series could grant NVIDIA a commanding position in the sub-$500 market, where AMD might have a competitive advantage.

Simultaneously, NVIDIA has not lifted its embargo on the RTX 4060 Ti, leaving those anticipating mid-range to entry-level GPUs priced under $500 in a state of uncertainty. Though not officially confirmed, NVIDIA is rumored to introduce its RTX 4060 Ti next month, while AMD's Navi 33-based desktop GPU might be launched at any time. The entry-level GPU is already slated for release in laptops, with the first review published just this week.

Although no official announcement has been made for a Computex 2023 keynote or livestream, insiders suggest that select board partners will present the Radeon RX 7600 at the event. If accurate, this could indicate that AMD will introduce an affordable RDNA3 GPU to the market within the next two months. However, the opening keynote at the Taipei tech expo will take place a day earlier, featuring NVIDIA's CEO and President Jensen Huang.

Possible AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series
GPUCompute UnitsBoost ClockMemoryTBPLaunch Date
RX 7900 XTX Navi 31 XTX 96 CUs 2.5 GHz 24GB 384b 355W December 2022
RX 7900 XT Navi 31 XT 84 CUs 2.4 GHz 20GB 320b 315W December 2022
RX 7800 (XT) Navi 31 (?) ~ 70 CUs 16GB 256b
RX 7700 (XT) Navi 32 (?) ~ 64 CUs
RX 7600 (XT) Navi 33 (?) ~ 32 CUs June 2023

Both AMD's upcoming Radeon RX 7600 series and NVIDIA's RTX 4060 Ti aim to cater to the mid-range to entry-level GPU market under $500. While AMD may have the upper hand with its Navi 33-based desktop GPU, the company has not confirmed any livestream or keynote for Computex 2023. Meanwhile, NVIDIA has yet to lift its embargo on the RTX 4060 Ti, leaving potential buyers in the dark about its launch date. With board partners scheduled to present the Radeon RX 7600 at Computex, AMD may finally roll out an affordable RDNA3 GPU in two months.

AMD Readies Radeon RX 7600 Series as NVIDIA Holds off on RTX 4060 Ti Release

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