X-Fi Fatality FPS SoundBlaster review

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The photo'sOn the next few pages we'll show you some photos. The images were takenĀ at 2560x1920 pixels and then scaled down.

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There she is, the X-Fi Fatality FPS. Still a PCI bus (Ed: Boooo), 2.3 compliant and includes an internal driver bay for connectivity. I have no clue as to why there is not a PCI-Express version.

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What will get your attention once (if) you have this card is the clean PCB design. Previous models had all kinds of hardware SMD'ed into the PCB.

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From left to right, the first connector is called the 'Flexi jack', which I know sounds like an excellent name if you want to be a porn star and have a girlfriend called Jane bones Jovie.

All entertainment aside, you can configure it in software for a specific function namely Line in, Mic-In/Digital in- or output. Next to the Flexi Jack 3x analog sound mini jacks in the shape of front 2x, rear 2x and center + subwoofer. What I would have liked to see right there would be an optical in and output. There's also an extension connector for an external rack if you want to upgrade. Internally there's an extension connector for the internal drive bay.

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There she is ladies and gentlemen, the core of the card, which in fact is the called, as you can read, the CA20K1 DSP, it is 11x times more powerful (transistor wise) then the Audigy series.

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