TeamGroup High Endurance V30 SDXC 256GB review

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Final words and conclusion


Final words and conclusion

With the V30, Team provides a high-quality MicroSD card that performs well in both reads and writes operations and will not cause any problems with any recording format on the host side of things. Aside from that, the 256GB of storage space that we have available is a really generous amount of space. Normally, it is difficult to justify the cost of SDXC U3 storage cards due to the fact that they can be extremely expensive. However, this 256 GB card is just $35 USD on Amazon, which is, in my opinion, excellent value for money considering the extra endurance and excellent write performance (throughput).


The new V30 SDXC UHS-I U3 cards are available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB, and consequently 256GB. That's a notable amount of storage capacity and performance, for sure. According to our tests, it can be up to eight times faster than a high-quality Class 10 Micro SD card with the same memory capacity. When combined with a quality USB 3.0 card reader or fast host, you can realistically transfer massive amounts of data in minutes, if not seconds. The MicroSD card was tested at sustained rates of 71 MB/sec (568 Mbit/s) and 83 MB/sec (664 Mbit/s), and it did not have any problems, indicating that it has a very strong writing throughput overall. Of course, this isn't a solid-state drive, and it isn't designed for high IOPS or huge numbers of small file writes.

If you are in the market for a high-quality MicroSD card for your laptop, camera, security camera, or smartphone, this might even be a good deal for 35 USD if you are on a budget. Yes, you can find 256GB MicroSD cards for as little as $25, but given the increased endurance and consistently high write throughput, we believe the extra ten dollars is well worth it. As stated, these cards are also rated for high endurance, though we cannot be certain that this is due to TLC/MLC writing due to the lack of additional information regarding TBW values. Team is a reputable brand though, so we'll gladly take their word for it. The company will provide a two-year warranty on the storage memory, which we consider to be on the low end of the spectrum. Aside from the fact that it is an enthralling product with adequate performance, the tested 256GB model can be found under the SKU code THUSDX256GIV3002. 



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