TeamGroup High Endurance V30 SDXC 256GB review


TeamGroup High Endurance V30 microSDXC 256GB
UHS-I U3, Class 10

The TeamGroup High Endurance V30 SDXC Micro SD card is reviewed in this article. This is not your typical SDXC storage card; this little fracker can read at speeds of up to 100 MB/sec and write at speeds of up to 50 MB/sec, making it a fast and reasonably priced SDXC card. Flash storage for gadgets, mobile devices, and cameras has increased in size and speed. Both of these qualities are required to save the profusion of photographs and videos available today in extremely high resolution. In addition to this, they needed to get faster in order to be able to capture photos at extremely fast recording rates. All that writing also takes a toll on the flash storage, since this is NAND storage, and if you're using them for video recording or say, security cameras, you'll want a storage device that can last a long time. Meet the Teamgroup V30.

However, there is another thing to consider; for those with Full and Ultra HD cameras, the game has altered as well; recording 1080P or Ultra HD at 3840x2160 pixels in great resolution requires fast stutter free writing. 1080p recordings at 50 frames per second in the AVCHD format already consume as much as 28Mbps (or 3.5MB/s) of available bandwidth. When it comes to Ultra HD, the dynamics shift; bitrates are determined by the resolution, codec, and frame rate that you choose and often you'll see options like so:

100 Mbps divided by 8 bits, is 12.5 MB per second. This is what the cards need to be capable of (at the very least in this year and age). Basically, our rule of thumb is simple, there are three features a proper SD card must have to be fully compatible with a high-resolution recording device:
  1. Card Type: SDXC
  2. Speed Class: UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)
  3. Endurance

SDXC (compared to older SDHC) cards were developed to support high storage capacities from 64GB up to 2TB. Additionally, SDXC cards can use the exFAT file system to support the large files that can be produced when recording video at high bitrates, files are limited to 4GB in size with the FAT32 file system used by other card types. UHS classes are also something to keep in mind. 


UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) was developed to deliver the necessary write speeds for cameras like the a7S II that shoot 4K and high-bitrate video. U3-certified SD cards must be able to maintain a minimum write speed of 30MB/s to ensure that recording continues smoothly without any dropped frames.

Team announced the V30 microSDXC flashcards, these are designed with high-definition video recording and security cameras in mind. They offer advertised read speeds of up to 100MB/s and are capable of 35 MB/sec recording at 4k resolution for UHD content creation. With V30 performance, you can shoot 4K Ultra-HD and Full HD footage without having to worry about poor frame rates or dropped frames. Additionally, it is resistant to high temperatures, shock, moisture, static electricity, and x-rays. The Card has a maximum storage capacity of 256GB and 40,000 hours of ultra-long recording time to meet the write-intensive recording requirements of any professional monitoring system. Additionally, the two-year limited warranty is offered.


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