TeamGroup High Endurance V30 SDXC 256GB review

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So how fast is it ?

Atto Disk Benchmark

ATTO is one of the most accurate methods available for evaluating storage performance. It is an ideal program since it is so dependable and gives such exact results. The beautiful thing about ATTO is that we can test with predetermined block sizes, which is quite convenient. As a result, we can test a 32 MB sequence of 4 KB files, as well as a 32 MB sequence of 1 MB files. This provides us with a wide range of overall performance capabilities with both tiny and large files.




For our second test, we revert towards AS SSD which has an excellent sequential test option. For both reads and writes we hit over 72~84 MB/sec in sequential loads, which really is what you'll be doing on a card like this. 



The transfer speeds however illustrate that once SDXC kicks in, you are looking at a record bandwidth that by far exceeds what any device will ever need.



Remember if you'd use a professional camera recording at 80 Mbit/sec (twice the bandwidth of Blu-ray), it would need 10 MB/sec to manage that. With this SDXC card you have seven times the bandwidth needed for that.




In disk mark 1 GB is transferred back and forth on the SD card. These values are excellent and more than sufficient for their primary purpose, storing and capturing video frames. But let's go deeper:


Performance Video Capture

If there is one type of job that may be extremely taxing on any storage unit, it has to be video capture. Here we apply a 5K 5120x2700 SK RED capture workload with a writing 64GB of video at 10bit YUV.  Essentially, we're sending 5K resolution frames to the storage unit and are requesting that it write and read as fast as possible. This test we normally apply to SSDs only.


This 64GB file read test (readback of fame content) shows great results. You can see the peak read performance logged at ~83 MB/sec. 



 Firing of 5K frames towards the SDcard shows very promising results, at 71 MB/sec that's 568 Mbit/s, so yes this SDCard will not be an issue for high-resolution high Mbit recording. Perfect for video recording of cameras, drones and security equipment.

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