Team Group Vulcan Z DDR4 3200 MHz 2x 8GB review

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System Memory Bandwidth Performance

System Memory Bandwidth Performance

We tested the memory both with the default XMP profile (3200 MHz) as well as overclocked/tweaked to 3600 MHz. The reviewed memory kit runs at 3200 MHz when you activate XMP in the BIOS.





But what if you want to achieve more? I’ve checked it by setting the voltage up to 1.45 V (which is acceptable for most memory chips), and then gradually increased the frequency until I saw any signs of instability. For us, 3600 MHz with CL17 was possible and gave the best result. That’s a 400 MHz increase in frequency, which is quite significant. The 3200 MHz scores are in the ~44-46GB/s range, which is typical for this frequency. As for 3600 MHz (with CL17), you can get there without much effort (but it depends on many variables, like the motherboard, bios version, or memory chip series). That was the optimal setting for this RAM.


Here, we go even up to 51 GB/s.

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