Team Group Vulcan Z DDR4 3200 MHz 2x 8GB review

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Specifications and features

Specifications and features

This series was announced on the 26th of April. “T-FORCE VULCAN Z is the new gaming memory released by Team Group. Made by a 0.8mm thick, one-piece alloy aluminum with superconductivity - thermally conductive adhesive, it is able to completely enhance the effect of heat dissipation and protect the memory, so the memory can operate with excellent efficiency and stability. VULCAN Z gaming memory's IC chips are selected through rigorous tests. Every memory is tested for complete compatibility and stability. It supports both Intel & AMD, offering gamers a memory with exceptional quality, optimal performance and excellent compatibility.”  



Reinforced structure and enhanced heat dissipation

T-FORCE VULCAN Z’s all new cooling module is designed for complete protection and enhanced heat dissipation. The heat spreader is formed by punch press process with a 0.8mm thick, one-piece alloy aluminum to reinforce the body structure. In addition, coloring with electrolytic anodizing process can enhance corrosion resistance and make it non-conductive. Moreover, with superconductivity – thermally conductive adhesive, it can quickly transfer the heat on IC chip through heat conduction to aluminum alloy cooling module for better heat dissipation. Therefore, the gaming memory can be maintained within operating temperature, and offering the finest and smoothest gaming experience and an extreme performance without any lag.

Selected IC chips. Stable and durable
Every IC chip made for TEAMGROUP's T-FORCE VULCAN Z DDR4 gaming memory is selected through a rigorous testing process. Every overclocking memory is tested for complete compatibility and stability. This offers gamers a DDR4 memory with excellent quality, optimal performance, stability and will with increased bandwidth. And strike first with better latencies and reduced load times.

High performance, low power consumption and upgrade easily
In addition to the increase in data transfer rate, the basic working voltage of the new generation of DDR4 memory is also decreased to 1.2V. This desktop memory is energy saving, high performance and low power consumption.

Supports Intel XMP and auto overclocking
T-FORCE VULCAN Z DDR4 gaming memory is plug and play ready. Overclocking can be super easy without the hassle of manually adjusting the BIOS. It is compatible to both Intel & AMD platform, therefore gamers can build their system without worries.

Enough with the marketing stuff – let’s check what we have on the table. First up is Thaiphoon Burner, which is a very good utility for checking the basic data on a RAM die. According to the program, the chips under the “hood” are the Hynix A-Die (in the 21nm process). Will that enable some overclocking – we’ll see on the next pages.



Vulcan Z  

Memory Type



2 x 8 GB



Tested Speed

3200 MHz

Tested Latency


Tested Voltage




Error Checking


SPD Speed

3200 MHz XMP

SPD Voltage nominal


Fan included



32.0 mm / 1.26 inch


Limited Lifetime


Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory file) Ready

The chips are covered with a heatsink to ensure that the memory and PCB maintain a similar temperature, providing the best performance. You put the sticks in, enable the XMP profile (which is, in fact, the industry standard and it’s hard to spot any RAM without this feature nowadays), reboot, and that’s it. Traditionally, we’ll kick off the review with some photo-shooting first, and then move on to the practical part (benchmark/games).

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