Team Group Vulcan Z DDR4 3200 MHz 2x 8GB review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

Team Group Vulcan Z is a RAM series without RGB lighting and to be honest this doesn’t have to be a drawback to all. The heat spreader colour is red (you know – red is faster), and the PCB is black. It won’t work well aesthetically with all PC builds, but you can always choose the grey variant if you prefer, because it’s more universal. The range of available frequencies is sufficient. The slowest module operates at 2666 MHz, and the fastest one (the one reviewed here) reaches 3200 MHz at CL16. While it’s not a very tight latency (in fact it’s just the market’s standard), it should be more than enough for most builds.


The memory chips used here are the A-Die by Hynix. Not as good as the famous B-Die, but still enough to provide a bit of overclocking headroom. We achieved a nice 3600 MHz at CL17 and 1.45 V (1.35 V is the baseline value). That’s a very decent result. You can always try to lower the latencies and go even higher with the frequency, but the best results are achieved by “tweaking” the frequency while keeping the latency as low as possible.



Team Group has made the Vulcan Z an “average Joe”-looking kit, and that's really all there is to say about it. There is not even a single RGB LED to be spotted, so some users might be disappointed.



Team Group Vulcan Z provides the default frequency (3200 MHz) that is enough for most of the users, and the XMP 2.0 profile makes life simple. If you want more, you can try to overclock the memory. With the reviewed kit, using an Asus Z390-E Strix Gaming board, it was possible to achieve 3600 MHz at CL17. A very respectable result, overclocking went better than expected. You need to remember, though, that reproducibility is never guaranteed, and your result may vary. The heat spreader is low-profile (32.0 mm) so most probably you won’t encounter any clearance problems with your air/liquid cooler. The memory is covered by a lifetime warranty. You don’t have RGB here, but hey – it doesn’t give performance increase and this feature does come usually with a price premium. We can give the Team Group a “Guru3D recommended” award for this compact, attractive, and affordable kit.

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