SunBeamtech Acrylic HTPC chassis review

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Assembly and installation of the Acrylic HTPC (5)


SunBeamTech Acrylic HTPC chassis

Here's a side-view of the chassis. Again we did not mount the PSU secure. This is purely inserted to activate the fans. Speaking of the fans. Four fans activated do create some air pressure. It's audible and we measures roughly 39-40 DBa coming from the chassis at a 75cm distance. While not annoying at all, it is audible and that is a HTPC's biggest enemy. A simple solution if possible, would be to control the fan RPM with your motherboards (just set RPM a little lower) or simply insert a small fan controller. It is however you need something to be aware of.

SunBeamTech Acrylic HTPC chassis

Again, I really like what we are looking at here. The photo's show very closely to what I am seeing here, though the photo's are a tiny bit brighter. heh, do you guys Recall Jan Hammers song 'Crockets theme' from the Miami Vice TV series, it just spontaniously came to mind - *wonders why*

SunBeamTech Acrylic HTPC chassis

Right, the last photo of this spectacle. You are looking at a 79 USD product folks. I think that's a hit.

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