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Guru3D.comProduct: Snap Server 1100Info: Snap Appliance
Retail Price: ~ 500 USD

Today we are going to review a product that is not all that obvious to see here at; a Snap Server 1100. Most of you will say ..  a what ? To put is short and blunt, this is an external HD, yet is an easy to install SOHO-level networked storage device. It's supports most network types and even includes FTP and HTTP file access which makes this an entire other league compared to your regular external HD solution.

SnapAppliance is the manufacturer and the product is called Snap Server 1100; SnapAppliance to my best knowledge has been around for a year or two. We've been reviewing NAS (Network Attached Storage) products in the past and yes, it's time for another article on one.

This product ladies and geeks is not for the low-level PC enthusiast. This product, as strange as it might sound,  is a highly configurable dedicated computer that has everything removed except what's needed to get it attached to a 10/100 Ethernet LAN and talking to just about any network file system and protocol that is available.

The product itself is in fact a dedicated computer that is running on an Operating System, in this case a customized version of FreeBSD which was named SnapOS.'s content runs on several servers, these servers all run on FreeBSD as it is very stable and very secure. So with that in mind the essence of this product is in fact a server. So what should you have a server in your network ? Simple answer, to share files in the most easy way. Example: a while ago we reviewed XiMeta's Netdisk. A really classy product .. yet every host and client needs software installed and active at all times. Since this product acts as a server ALL PC's within your network can connect to it. With or without access rights. You can manage it from any client as you simply log into the web-interface and configure it.

A server is in fact comparable towards a PC hardware wise. In this case the Snap Server 1100; is based on an Intel Pentium 166MHz MMX processor with 64MB of RAM and just the connectivity and hardware required to interface the CPU to the single 10/100 Ethernet port and hard drive.
The SnapServer 1100

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