Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set review

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The Wireless Media Router 300N



As stated , we are not going extremely in-depth in this review. But performance wise we have full gigabit connectivity to all clients. Transfer speeds are pretty darn fast and responsive. WAN side speed is always something interesting to check out though, throughput of routers often are way less capable.

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

We are on a 120 Mbit/s download, 10 Mbit/s upload connection, the first throughput test was showing slightly below par results. Our Original D-Link router seems to behave a little faster. Still, 111 Mbit/s download is something most of you can only dream of.

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

if you like to tweak a little, then in the router disable everything the router wants to mess and medal with. For example, traffic shaping .. just horrible. Pretty much certain packets will get more priority than others (HD content streams). On a gigabit connection this stuff is rather useless. So we disabled it all.

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

And then have a peek again ... we regained the missing bandwidth.

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

We also fired off a usenet download of  a downloadable Bioshock demo. Here as well, really good speed at roughly 12 Megabyte/sec but the D-Link router we have at default, was showing slightly better performance at 13,5 MB/sec. However I'm sure that with a little more time spent on the dive we can tweak that extra performance out.

So let's leave the router for what it is, and move onwards to the NAS unit.

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