Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set review

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The Wireless Media Router 300N

Configuration options

Once you have the defaults changed you are pretty much ready. Of course the 300N router offers a wide variety of functions, which you do not need to use ... but are available to you regardless of that.

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

We'll show you merely a handful of functions available to you. This is your welcome screen btw, you can opt to follow a setup wizard or configure options manually, which any guru does of course .

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

The options available to you are wide and diverse, you can even assign internet connectivity to your young child's PC and have it active/deactivated at certain times and intervals.

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

Sitecom MD-500 Digital Media Set

Again, this is merely a handful of all options available to you. The default setup is already pretty good, there's not a lot left to tweak out. BTW if you go wireless, we do recommend you to make access rules based on MAC regulated access. If you have no clue what I just said .. please ignore.

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