Shuttle XPC NC01U Nano review

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Shuttle XPC Nano NC01U
A Super Small Formfactor Mini (HT)PC

Small, smaller, the smallest one ever? Shuttle has on the NUC market with their new and tiny NC01U. It is so small that you can mount this fully fetched Windows 10 Ready PC behind your monitor. With power consumption below 10 Watts this thing offers incredible fun. Armed with an Intel Celeron 3205U Processor clocked at 1.50GHz and then combined with M.2. SSD, a decent chipset, USB 3.0 ports, 2.5" SSD support as well as AC WiFi and a Gigabit LAN jack you will be surprised to see what this product offers.

The end-users who might be interested in a product like this need to be found in the SOHO, Net PC or HTPC space. The Shuttle NC01U with its incredibly small size will fit anywhere, and armed with Windows 10 is it fast enough for normal web-browsing, office applications like Word amd Excell but sure, even some simplistic work with Photoshop would not be a problem. Though the Shuttle NC01U does not have a very fast processor, it does offer enough performance for everyday PC usage. Next to that you can easily hide this unit behind your monitor, or HDTV. With that in mind, this easily can be a product that accelerates and post processes high definition movies and music, preferably the content is streamed over a network. And that's where we land at net-tops and mini-tops. In its bare essence this is pretty much a tiny PC that is armed with that 2-core Processor clocked at 1.50GHz. The embedded GPU that houses inside the processor is fast enough to decode and accelerate 1080P video content perfectly, it comes with connectivity like HDMI and even DisplayPort. It has one Gigabit Ethernet jack and fully fetched AC WiFi as well.

Armed with USB 3.0 ports, M.2. and 2.5" SSD support as well you can easily maximize your PC experience. An intriguing and interesting product alright. Let's have a peek first, and then head on on-wards to the next page.


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