Shuttle XPC NC01U Nano review

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Performance - Full HD Video Acceleration

Accelerating & Enhancing Video on Skylake processors

CPU with integrated GPU based platforms are a lot about additional features and performance on top of regular processing. So another key feature is of course the embedded GPU with video processor. The combo of the video processor and some additional shader processors inside that chipset allows for high-definition 1080P content playback, acceleration, and though limited... enhancement of overall picture quality. For those that use other content like the immensely popular MKV / x.264 container formats, please download Media Player Classic Home Cinema. This free open source software will DXVA accelerate and enhance your MKV/TS content at 1080P or even higher. We have written an article on Media Player Classic Home Cinema and how to set up that software to make this happen, please read that here


Above an example of 1080P, a concert from in 1080P format a TS file - this is the Intel iGPU at work here and quite frankly it does the job extremely well. You'll notice a CPU load of up-to say 20% here, power consumption at this stage was roughly 9~10 Watts for the entire unit. We have some extra shaders enabled like complex Image Sharpening. Perfect playback. For HTPC purposes this box can make a lot of sense, though the fan can be slightly heard under load, which I guess is a no-no.

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