Sabrent Rocket 4 PLUS-G 2TB Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD Review

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SSD Performance Atto Disk Benchmark

Atto Disk Benchmark

One of the finest tools available to measure storage performance is ATTO. I love it to death as it is so reliable and produces such accurate results. The great thing about ATTO is that we can test with predefined block sizes. So we can test with a 32 MB sequence of 4 KB files, yet also 32 MB in 1 MB files. This gives us an excellent scope of overall performance with small and large files.

Note: We test on two platforms, the first is Ryzen 9 7950X3D based, and the second is Intel's Core i9 13900K. There are some very noticeable differences in performance as you'll see throughout this review. Mind your before testing on a platform, the SSD is secure erased and the benchmark procedure is exactly the same for the SSD per platform.



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