Riotoro Prism CR1280 Full Tower RGB review

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Product Showcase - The Build

The BuildĀ 

It is time to gather some gear and build us a PC. I am not going extraordinary with extensive and custom liquid cooling etc. We'll be building a system that you guys would build at home.


We used a basic AMD APU motherboard with a cheapo cooler. This build is for a bit of a showcase and trial only. You could hide a radiator so extremely well in the front-side, and that would look great.


The good thing about this design is that the radiator can be nice and thick (up-to 60 mm). Everything easily fits, our Micro ATX sized motherboard has plenty of clearance.


As you can see keep your PSU size to a max of 18 - 19 cm please as you do need to factor the outgoing plugs. Normal ATX size PSUs are roughly 16c m overall so you should be good there.


At the backside you can see there is plenty of clearance for cable routing. In-between the back-plate tray and the glass panel you have 2 cm the play with.


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