Riotoro Prism CR1280 Full Tower RGB review

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Product Showcase - Interior


Right, the backside. Nice and clean, velcro straps for cable routing. Rubberized grommet holes. To the top left you can see four SSD mounts, at the bottom left four HDD tray mounts and to the bottom right the PSU bay, in  which you can hide your PSU away. It's all looking good. 


Located to the middle right you can see something covered up, behind it is a small PCB holding the fan and RGB controller. 


Riotoro makes use of all black cabling, that's done right. We like that as a detail very much.


At the backside you'll have roughly 2.5cm of clearance for cable routing, that's perfect. The chassis is designed in such a manner that it is very 'workable' and spacious.


The HDDs you can simply pop into a plastic tray, this is not rubberized though, with a loud enough HDD it might resonate a bit. You simply slide them in and it is secure.  You can mount 4 HDDs.


The same can be said for the SSDs, a you pop them into a very simple plastic clip, and then hang either of the four units on there. Very simple, but as I stated before, simply often can be very good. 

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