Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity6 review

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Eyefinity Hardware Setup



You see the square? In each of the four corners are four screws for the VESA mount, we remove them to be able to mount them on the hexagon mount based monitor frame.


Now this is a painstakingly slow processes and really a two man job. Once all monitors are mounted and roughly aligned well it's time to think about cable management. Six monitors each with one display port cable and one power cable. Yep -- that's twelve cables and a GF looking even more irritated (you know the look with two eye-browses lifted).


Line up your monitors and things start to take shape. Now I expect that 99% of you will go with three monitors positions horizontally (Landscape) as six is a little extravagant. But heck, we like extravagant, excessive? Bring it on!

Make sure the bezel of the monitors are very close to each other.


With the monitors lined up we can go into the next phase. It's time to plug in and power up the gear now. We insert the six display port connectors, don't worry about what cable goes to what connector, We can properly align monitors with the Catalyst software in a very easy manner.


We now install Catalyst 10.3 or higher and bingo .. we got a nice desktop wallpaper greeting us -- phew -- at least one monitor is giving proper image. It's now time for the software configurations as all the monitors need to be enabled and obviously aligned and positioned.

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