Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity6 review

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Eyefinity Hardware Setup


Eyefinity Hardware Setup

Alright let's get started. To setup six monitors you'll need a little more than a graphics card alone.


Now let me assure you that FedEx will not be happy when they deliver 'the goods'. It's quite a lot of boxes alright.

So the ingredients for our little experiment are:

  • Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity6 (x2 for CrossfireX)
  • Six Dell 1680x105 monitors
  • Monitor mounting frame (EdBak)
  • Six sets of power cables
  • Six sets of Display Port to Mini-Display port cables
  • A lot of time ...

To be able to create an Eyefinity cluster of monitors all you need to do is hook them up to your graphics card, but sure ... how do you stack the monitors if you have six of them ?


Well that can be answered real quickly, you can make a frame, or preferably order a frame with VESA mounts for your monitor. Ours comes from Edbak, a company on Poland. Not cheap, but definitely more handy and good looking. Also, nothing about this project can be considered cheap anyway. you might as well do it right.


I already figured this would be a painstaking time consuming processes; and since there's nothing easier to tick off the girlfriend I left the office and brought the entire kit home to setup and play games on in spare time in the evenings.

Once we assembled and secure the frame we can already see a where this is heading. Yes indeed .. a very ticked off GF. Okay it's time to start mounting the monitors to do this we need to remove four screws for VESA mounting.

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