Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity6 review

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Go play some games .. on six LCD screens

Think about this for a second, can you even grasp the idea that it has only been six months ago when ATI released its first DX11 class products ... six months (!) Not a month went by with ATI not releasing a new product in that Radeon Series 5000 range.

The cycle is complete though, ATI filled every little and foreseeable gap in the DX11 class graphics card market. As such they will now focus on respins, future products and the more niche gear with somewhat lower priority.

Niche is the word that I like to label today's test product with. Extravagant, extraordinary, yes ATI finally released it's Eyefinity6 SKU officially. Though we believe this will be one tough puppy to find on the market one fact remains .. there will be small market for this product. And sure, not so much the gamer, but the professional end user and corporate entities can save a lot of dough with a product like shown today. Imagine presentations on a couple on say a monitor or four, an instruction video on the other and so on. What am I talking about ? Eyefinity6 .. a high-end Radeon HD 5870 based graphics card with no less than six display port output connectors that can drive six monitors simultaneously for you to wither work, present or play games at an insane and nearly ridiculous monitor resolution.

And gaming, yep .. it is exactly that last option what we'll be looking at today. We know .. we understand, there's 0.01% chance that any of you would purchase and replicate a similar setup as shown in this article it certainly is fun to read up on. It's x-factor hardware, Top Gear stuff for computer geeks and gamers.

So yes, we'll look at Eyefinity6, we'll build a nice frame that can hold the six Dell monitors we are using in this review and then will get our groove on. Now we'll also show some performance numbers as we'll not only use one, but two Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity6 cards, which we'll setup in CrossfireX, but more overly I like this article to be a show case. As such we'll record some high-definition footage and show you videos of a gaming in a MASSIVE monitor resolution of 5040x2100.

Hot damn .. this is going to be fun ! But first meet the product empowering it all ...


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