PowerColor Devil 13 Dual GPU R9 290X Review

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Alright, here we look at the R9 295x2 in more detail. The card is a bit strange to look at with the HUGE cooler, but that was the compromise that PowerColor needed to make. The R9 295x2 is a card with a 550 Watt TDP, which is an awful lot, but for the performance class not tremendously bad either. The combo of the PCB and two Hawaii XT GPUs is impressive. The board has a 10+3+2 phase power design. A nice 4 GB per GPU (512-bit) running at 5.0 Gbps.


A card like this does require a high-resolution monitor, I mean up-to FullHD you will run into CPU bottle-necking all the time. We recommend WHQD (2560x1440) as the preferred gaming resolution versus extremely good quality settings. Next in line of course is Ultra High Definition gaming at that Big Whopper of a resolution called UHD - 3840 x 2160 pixels. We'll have a look at Ultra HD gaming in this article as well, of course. 


That is a lot of performance right there... outputs include a DisplayPort, HDMI and one DVI. The top side of the connector plate has a large mesh so that hot air from the PCB and its components can vent out more rapidly. The Devil 13 is built with a Platinum Power Kit and efficient thermal design. It has a massive 15-phase power delivery, PowerIRstage, Super Cap and Ferrite Core Chokes. The cooler of the Devil 13 utilizes a three fan design with double blades, two pieces of large die-cast panel, total 10pcs of heat pipes, and enormous surface area of aluminum cooling fin.



The design allows you to opt for the multi-GPU road with Crossfire as an option as well. You can pair two in one PC and have them do a rather decent workout. A Crossfire bridge is no longer needed. The data will be moved over the PCIE (preferably 3.0) bus. The Devil 13's backside glows a bright red color with the logo pulsating slowly.

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