PowerColor Devil 13 Dual GPU R9 290X Review

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DX11: Crysis 3

DX11: Crysis 3

The popular title is daunting from a graphics point of view. What do you need really? As a result, how will it perform on a selection of different graphics cards? We will cover all these basics and then more so you know what choice to make either graphics card or in-game settings wise.

Above, the time demo we use to measure game performance, this is a generic recording not specifically done with the graphics card solution tested in this article. This is the Welcome to the Jungle level. The test run applied fairly stringent, harsh and really only suited for high-end DX 11 class graphics cards of 2014 in combination with our image quality settings.


Crysis 3, we apply everything. Image quality settings:

  • DirectX 11
  • Very High Quality settings
  • FXAA Enabled
  • Welcome to the Jungle level

And below a comparative chart, any card at 2560x1440 will get a very rough beating from the game. And also let me just state DX11 / HQ Texture mode and Ultra settings are not a requirement, but as a PC gamer I expect you like something better than console quality, right? All enthusiast level cards are pretty close to each other.


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