Palit GeForce RTX 2080 Gamerock Premium review

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The cards have been designed in this dual-slot and dual fan design and look very nice. However, as you can see already, heat travels mostly upwards. As we always state, chassis ventilation is not just a must, with this updated design it became a necessity. Mind you that the LEDs obviously can be configured or disabled.



Size, or length then; that's almost 30cm / 12 inches of graphics card right there. Please always do make sure that the card physically fits inside your chassis as it is rather lengthy. 


The cards are a little lighter in weight than the 2080 Ti cards, indicating they need less cooling applied. 1329 grams.


Overall, I do think that is a very good looking product with the dark accents, the downside, however, is the busy (logo and stickers) backplate. The LEDs embedded in this graphics card can be controlled with a software utility available from Palit. 

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