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Overclocking The Graphics Card with OC Scanner

Overclocking The Graphics Card with OC Scanner

NVIDIA has introduced a new way of overclocking and tweaking starting with (and only for) the RTX. Basically, you can now automatically overclock the GPU. By pressing the OC scanner button you can have a software algorithm test and check intervals and voltage frequency curves, the scanner will try to determine a stable overclock, this is presented in a curve and that curve can be applied as your tweak.



With (your updated) Afterburner, hit Control+F and you will see the OC Scanner button. Hitting the scan button can take 10 to 20 minutes of testing. It will define a new stable overclocking curve, once finished in Afterburner hit apply and you are good to go. 

You can also hit Test after the scan to verify the results and get a confidence level of the tweak, 90% here.

The new scanner offers a very stable and a very gentle way of GPU overclocking. I do say GPU overclocking as the scanner does not touch things like your VRAM. For this tweak, we first applied a memory tweak, increased the power limiter tweak, and let the process begin. Below the results, as you can see it's all in a rather small margin, the automated overclock however is the safer one on your GPU.



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