Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R RGB review

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Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R RGB AIO review
Colour Master ?

Today we are reviewing the new Masterliquid ML240R RGB AIO. This is a new AIO cooler from Cooler Master, and we have a bit of a edition to show off today. Known for their specialization in cooling and illuminated cases for the PC enthusiast. We received the 240 mm one. We all cannot deny it, RGB has become one of the most important factors currently accentuated by manufacturers. You've recently seen me post a quick review on even an RGB lit 24-pin ATX motherboard cable, right?

Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R RGB AIO (All-in-One formula) is a package that holds a closed loop radiator and pump and comes with two fans (2 x120 mm). The main difference this round, however, is its aesthetics, yes you get addressable RGB fans, a pump header that is RGB enabled, but you also receive a control unit. Att that for 100 bucks, is not a bad deal really, as by itself it's a pretty okay cooler as well. Whereas most manufacturers usually try to make the pump smaller, Cooler Master did the opposite, the pump is relatively tall and has a logo finish, powered by addressable LEDs, the unit takes place among the better ones on the market, especially with this logo:


The substantial diameter of the pump provides room for a 65 mm wide copper block, so all the sockets are covered, Threadripper being the exception, unfortunately. You will receive a 277 x 119.6 x 27 mm aluminium radiator, braided flexible tubing and two 120 mm PWM fans with speeds of up to 650 ~ 2000 RPM. RGB lighting can be but does not have to be controlled by a compatible motherboard. It is regulated with the handy compact size addressable ARGB LED controller that allows you to easily customize your ARGB devices (without the need for either an ARGB capable motherboard or software). 


There’s no dedicated software and, if you don’t have any LED headers on your MoBo this is rather handy, you can use the provided SATA-powered lighting controller (with 4 buttons). Cooler Master has improved on the design of the previous generations of products from this manufacturer. Will these changes raise the level enough for us to give it a recommendation? Will performance be on par with the looks? Will it be noisy? Well, let’s have a peek at the Masterliquid ML240R RGB  cooler then. Next page, please.

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