OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Memory review

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I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with EL-DDR PC3500 memory. The test-system ran absolutely stable in all conditions we tested. We took the module from 266 MHz up-to 414 MHz with both default (c2.5:3:3) and aggressive (c2:2:2:) RAM timings. This resulted in high and excellent memory bandwidth. At DDR 400 we simply pass a 3000 MB/sec bandwidth and that my friends is truly awesome as it makes it faster then RAMBUS RIMM PC-800 modules while slowly closing in onto PC1066 for less money. OCZ memory are made for people who would like to get the most out of their system or simply want the best in their PC, in other words the enthusiast with a high performance PC. You need to keep this advice in mind though, if you are not into sqeezing the last bit of performance out of your system and settle for simply good and thus not outstanding/enthusiast performance then you might as well go with a little less expensive memory rated at DDR333, personally I'd throw in a few extra bucks though. Either way I have to state that you really can't go wrong with this module.


We'll soon be installing a new test-platform that will allow us to test memory modules like these better and go way beyond the manufacturer specification. Also, I just took a peek in our pricewatch database and right now this memory is selling for roughly 83 USD which let's face it is quite affordable. You can seek the best price on this product right here.

Well we have to sum it up: it's very much faster than we where able to test, stable and very affordable. Definitely recommended !

Product: EL DDR  PC3500Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
$83 compare prices here
Author: Hilbert Hagedoorn
Date: February, 2002


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