NZXT Kraken X63 Review

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The Software Behind The KRAKEN


So this product is compatible with NZXT CAM partially - CAM is NZXT's software suite which allows you to monitor variables like RPM, temperatures, control things like fan RPM and a large range of variables really. You can also configure the RGB LED coloring and all kinds of animations.  At first run have the unit perform a firmware update if requested, afterward you will need to power down the PC and start it up again for the Kraken to function properly. In its standard layout, the software has picked up from earlier versions and is showing information for LED control, Pump and other compatible control.  

Note: the X63 kit does not support CAM fan control, you'll need to purchase a separate GRID+ control unit now. if you ask us, a rather big mistake from NZXT in an effort to get you to spend even more money as these units are an additional 40 USD. 








There is no way around it, NZXT's CAM software is both hated and loved by many. There doesn't seem to be something in-between the two. Most for reasons of privacy as the application collects lots of info from your PC and prefers you to be logged in with an account. CPU utilization is not that bad but it ain't good that it seems to sit at 0.3~0.4% all the time either. It, however, is a lot better then I have seen in the past. In our opinion, one of the problems with CAM is that NZXT wants to do too much with the software including oven an OSD and things like CPU tweaking, and anything that needs polling requires CPU cycles. 

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