NZXT Kraken X63 Review

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So here is the phase where we slowly start assembling a test setup. First, we mount the two fans towards the radiator, four screws, and washers each. 



The screw holes have rubberized inserts. Once done you need to decide where you'll be positioning your radiator and how the tubing and wiring will be managed. The two fans have no additional connectors or even a y-splitter cable, which is a bit cheap really. So you connect them straight to the mobo FAN connector headers (or a fan controller).


You connect one CPU FAN header on the motherboard, you connect the two fans to the CPU FAN headers on the mobo. The cooling block has a USB controller tied to the CAM software for silent and performance modes. Depending on your choice you'll get a cooling performance that best suits your needs. Then one more cable has a SATA connector for power and then another connector for a HUE NZXT GRID+ kit connection. 


It already looks pretty powered off, but you haven't seen the LED functionality on this puppy, it is frickin awesome. Also, in subtle detail, the logos in black on the fans look great. the NZXT logo is there but nothing is too shouty or screaming, right?


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