NZXT Kraken X63 Review

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Product Installation


We are testing the cooler externally but you get the idea here. As mentioned there is quite a bit of wiring to manage. We're still using that good old Sabertooth, it's serving us well. TDP = TDP so heat-wise all processors produce roughly the same amount of heat, so it doesn't matter if that is four or eight cores as 95W = 95W Thermal Design Power.



BTW tubing, roughly 40cm. That should be plenty from the mounting position of the radiator towards the CPU socket really. 


Here you can see the sweet LCD LED-lit magic mirror a little better. Again, there's quite a bit going on cabling wise. 


Once powered on you'll notice that the NZXT logo lights up with an LED and a mirror effect. Well, in fact, that is configurable as it's an RGB LED solution. Both the mirror 'ring' that you can see as well as the NZXT logo can be configured independently from each other. Thus you can turn off that NZXT logo.


Many RGB options are available to you. Based on the temperature the coloring can change, you may also simply select a dedicated color of preference to you liking with the CAM software as well as a combination of colors versus several animations. Have a look at the video that we recorded, it'll get the message across.

The video above was taken with the X62 at the time, albeit the LED ring is a bit wider, the effects and animations are all the same.  




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