MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT Gaming X review

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DXR: Raytracing performance - RE8 - Watch Dogs: Legion - Cyberpunk - F1 2021

DXR: Raytracing performance - Games

We've decided to move the Raytracing results away from the shading performance results to keep the benchmark pages a bit more clean. Over time more titles will be added, we'd have loved to include Cyberpunk, however, DX-R for AMD Radeon graphics cards is not available. Below Battlefield V and Watch Dogs: legion. Both titles have DirectX Raytracing (hybrid) enabled. For consistency, DLSS has been disabled for the NVIDIA graphics cards to be able to measure performance 1:1 with matching quality settings, so you are looking at pure raytracing assisted rendering. But obviously, the combo with DLSS has a massive preference.


RE Village is the one title that also supports FSR, so we add two results sets here, pure Raytracing and RT+FSR (Ultra quality).




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