MSI Radeon R9-290X Gaming OC review

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Product Photos - AMD R9-290X

With recommended gaming resolution up-to 3840 x 2160 the MSI Radeon R9-290X Gaming OC has features like AMD TrueAudio Technology, and 4GB of memory.


The card is factory overclocked towards 1040 MHz but more importantly, it is a card that has a proper cooler, a cooler that the GPU deserves and needs. Let me first state that this is the MSI Radeon R9-290X Gaming OC edition, that OC in the naming means it is a special SKU that thus comes factory overclocked. You can bet on it that that will be a MSI Radeon R9-290X Gaming edition as well, clocked at reference frequencies.


The heart of the MSI Radeon R9-290X Gaming OC is beast with 6 Billion transistors on a 438 mm2 Die and that 512-bit Memory bus with 4 GB 5.0 Gbps GDDR5 memory. A gorgeous looking card alright. That TwinFrozr IV cooler kicks ass, it really gives overall good temperatures as it can eat away and dissipate 450W of heat whilst remaining silent. As a result under full load this card manages to around 70~75 degrees C in our testing (we kid you not). 


The MSI Radeon R9-290X Gaming OC has 2816 Stream Processors and a clock Frequency up-to 1040 MHz for this model. A massive 4 GB of 512-bit memory is fitted on there running at 5.0 Gbps. Anybody with a monitor resolution up-to 2560x1440 can play their games at extremely good quality settings, and with a small tweak or two, Ultra high definition gaming at that Big Whopper of a resolution called UHD - 3840 x 2160 pixels. 


Here we can see the connectors, one full DP, one HDMI and two DVI connectors. So yes, Eyefinity works here perfectly fine as well. It might be a very interesting card to setup a cheap desktop multi-monitor setup this way. Not so much for gaming though. AMD allows you to opt for the multi-GPU road with Crossfire as an option. You can pair two in one PC and have them do a decent workout. As mentioned earlier, a Crossfire bridge is no longer needed. The data will be moved over the PCIE (preferably 3.0) bus.


The card is almost 10.5 Inches in length which is like 27 cm for those in that like and reside in the Metric system.

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