MSI Radeon HD 7790 TurboDuo OC review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Okay, pictures first. On this page you can see the MSI R7790 OC graphics card, a graphics card with 1GB graphics memory.


Included with all cards will be a manual, a demo and driver CD and power converters. We like the dark/blue looking card from MSI. The 2 billion-transistor 28nm Bonaire based core is tied to 1GB memory. It's 128-bit gDDR5 clocked at 6 Gbps though, so that's quite a bit of bandwidth for a product in this category.


This card is clocked at a 1050 MHz core frequency and the gDDR5 memory runs at 6.0 Gbps (effective data rate as gDDR5 has a quad data-rate). You can already spot the cooler, it certainly keeps the card at excellent temperatures versus very low noise levels.


Here we can see the backside, the cards will fit pretty much any chassis. It's a custom design PCB with a dark color scheme. The card is not long. As a result you will need 19 CM of free space, that's roughly 7.5 Inches.

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