MSI Radeon HD 7790 TurboDuo OC review

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DX11: Tomb Raider

DX11: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is back and has the distinction of being one of the true breakout stars of gaming, an icon every bit as important as Mario or Sonic. But in many ways she has always taken second place to the titular Tombs of the games she inhabits, with attempts to flesh out her character some of the weakest moments in a venerable series of games.

This particular test has the following enabled:

  • DX11
  • Ultra Quality mode
  • FX AA enabled
  • 16x AF enabled
  • Hair Quality Normal (TressFX disabled)
  • Tesselation On
  • SSAO Ultra



Our scores are average framerates so you need to keep a margin in mind for lower FPS at all times. As such we say 40 FPS for this game should be your minimum, while 60 FPS (frames per second) can be considered optimal. 


The title is AMD optimized and with the new drivers that shows. We left TressFX disabled as it takes too big a performance hit for entry-level and mid-range cards. Very few results as we just started to include the title, but that's not bad at all. FXAA is a compromise though, you'll lose a bit on image quality yet gain AA. FXAA is cheap AA. Other AA modes will dramatically pull down performance.

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