HP S700 Pro 512GB SSD review

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The SSD can be opened up and shows a full size PCB. This 6 Gbps (SATA3) storage unit makes use of Micron TLC 3D NAND. A total of four NAND flash memory ICs can be spotted on each side (thus 8 in total) of the PCB for the entire 512GB. The NAND FLASH partitions are assigned directly to the controller



Here we can see that proprietary HP controller. We have not been able to find any information on it. This likelt is a 4-channel multi-core controller though with the ability of a possible 175 MB/s to 200 MB/s per channel throughput. It performs well as the results will show you.


As stated, the NAND used is the 3D NAND which we're sure is TLC written. This 512 GB SSD is guaranteed at 310 TB written (endurance), so it'll likely out-live your PC lifespan. The NAND IC are Micron 7DB2D-NW856


Here we see the backside of the PCB, again we see four NAND ICs. Less components needed equals a cheaper to produce product. You'll also notice the DRAM cache chip here, summing up towards to 512 MB with an SMT trace left for another one.


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