HP S700 Pro 512GB SSD review

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Specifications & Features

Specifications & Features

HP is now offering no less than six versions of the S700 Pro with the Pro models have more endurance. which includes 120 GB up-to 512GB capacities. The sample that has arrived for testing is the 512 GB version of the drive. The S700 series as stated will be fitted with TLC written NAND flash memory from Micron's 3D NAND (vertically stacked) node. This allows HP to offer the proper storage volumes., the Pro models come with an added DRAM cache chip.

  • HP S700 PRO 128GB SSD
  • HP S700 PRO 256GB SSD
  • HP S700 PRO 512GB SSD
  • HP S700 120GB SSD
  • HP S700 250GB SSD
  • HP S700 500GB SSD

So instead of using Planar NAND, 3D NAND is used. 3D TLC NAND is physical vertical NAND cell stacking not to be confused with chip stacking in a multi-chip package. In 3D NAND, NAND layers, not chips, are stacked in a single IC. The good news is continued cost reduction, smaller die sizes and more capacity per NAND chip. Also, installed NAND toolsets in the wafer fabs can, for the most part, be reused, thereby extending the useful life of fab equipment. The NAND ICs are driven by a HP H6028 controller, there is a DRAM cache up-to 512MB.

  • Sequential reads/writes up to 565 / 520 MB/s on all file types
  • Random reads/writes up to 90k / 85k on all file types
  • Over 90x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive
  • Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology
  • Dynamic Write Acceleration delivers faster saves and file transfers
  • More durable than a hard drive – no small moving parts that are prone to failure
  • Best-in-class hardware encryption keeps data safe and secure
  • Exclusive Data Defense guards against data corruption
  • Adaptive Thermal Protection allows for adaptive cooling
  • New 3D NAND Technology and advanced wear balancing algorithm for higher durability @0.5 Drive Writes Per Day
  • An industry-top-leading Reliability (MTBF) 2M hours, and Endurance (TBW) up to 310 TBW
  • Up to 512MB DRAM Cache for better multi-tasking and durability
  • Higher Order LDPC Error Correction for high speed parallel decoding and real time error correction to ensure data integrity and security
  • All Metal Body - heat dissipation and durability in a PC environment
  • Full compatibility with HPdst.exe (HP Software Pre-installation Environment). Ideal upgrade for HP PCs
  • Manufactured to HP's high quality standards and fully tested and certified in HP Laboratories


I just pulled some numbers from some online e-tailers. HP is able to keep the prices okay, not yet cheap enough though. Prices are hovering at 210 USD for this 512 GB model on Newegg at the moment of writing this article.


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