HIS Radeon R7-260X iCooler review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

AMD has filled the price performance bracket in almost every area with the release of the R7-260 and 260X graphics cards. Overall the 260X product is a notch faster compared to the R7 -260 and yeah, even at this budget you can play games if you are conservative with your choices in image quality settings and higher resolutions. The pricing is fair.

AMD Radeon R7-260X

The R7-260X is a fun, almost entry-level product that is going to allow you to game at 1280x720 to say 1600x1200 perfectly fine. If you stick to these resolutions then you may apply good image quality settings as you get 2GB of graphics memory as well. At a price of say 95 EUR incl VAT it is a fair deal. You'll be looking at performance close to the dated Radeon HD 7790. It would also be a really excellent HTPC card quite honestly. The small PCB footprint and cooler would even allow Mini-ITX setups. At 60 Degrees C that just might do the trick for ya. Overall a fun little card but don't expect to game properly with AA and hefty quality settings enabled at 1080P.




HIS offers a fun graphics card for not a lot of money. Over a 260 I'd take a 260X model anytime, any day. The extra shader processors and 2GB of memory bring in a good deal of value to the product. The 260 is priced fairly, expect 90 to 100 EURO incl VAT. I stated this in the reference review already, we feel that both the R7-260 and 260X could have been a notch faster as they lack just that little punch to fully qualify as a 1080P gaming card. Overall though these are really handy cards to play simple games and excellent cards for an HTPC. Kick in an extra few tenners and you'll notice there are much better alternatives available when it comes to performance though. The HIS Radeon R7 260X iCooler is a very decent and okay product, decent card for the money decent in performance. Overall we can recommend it as an entry level gaming product that offers value for money.

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