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9. What's the best part of your rig?

I dont know, all of it, as a whole. I like the case, the lighting, I like the tubing, I think it is perfect.



10. Any dislikes, things you should not have bought?

Lian Li vents mounted horizontally are louder than the ones mounted vertically. Perhaps in the future I will change them.




11. Did you modify anything?  cases/video cards/other? Did you do it yourself? Walk us through it.

Pff, let me see. I did a few components 3D printing: rear pump bracket, tubing holder, desk glass support. Tubing is custom made and shaped by me. I kept the bending at one time per tube. I think it looks better. For a cleaner look and easy servicing, a pump is installed outside, with a reservoir at the highest point (just like an expansion vessel). Did also two cutouts in the metal case, for passing the liquid.

  • Loop is as follows: Pump -> GPU -> Rad1 -> CPU -> Rad2 -> back to pump.

Desk is custom made in order to fit the LialLi case and easily install the monitor without the support (some kind of wall mounting). Installed also RGB lighing behind. Fans profile is custom made:

  • Stage 1: Surfing web, Windows. Temp*: below 45 degrees. Pump: 2500rpm. Fans: Off (all)
  • Stage 2: Light load. Temp*: 45-55 degrees. Pump: 3500rpm. Fans: 3 at 900rpm, 3 stopped
  • Stage 3: Heavy load. Temp*: 55-65 degrees. Pump: 3500rpm. Fans: 6 at 900rpm
  • Stage 4: Cooldown. Temp: over 65 degrees. Pump: max. Fans: max. Note: never reached this point
  • *temp: medium temperature over 10 seconds for both CPU + GPU. I have a very good software for this, but since I am not allowed to give any names, you have to ask for it.


  • CPU: 4.8ghz on all cores (nothing brutal, just stability);
  • GPU: none, not needed for current gaming needs;




12. Your 3DMark scores

Shame on me. I didn't run 3DMark up to this point. I will, in the future.

13. Do you have any future updates planned?

Not yet. At this moment the hardware is enough for what I am doing.  

14. Does your rig or mod have a name?

Silent Killer.

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