Guru3D Rig of the Month - January 2011

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 Rig of the Month January 2011

10. What sucks and should not have been bought?
The 28 inch LCD, i bought this when it first came out and this LCD has very weak Contrast ratio and doesn't have a proper backlight.

Rig of the Month January 2011

11. Did you modify anything ?  cases/video cards/other? Did you do it yourself? Walk us through it.

Well yes there are a few Modifications i did. My Friend ov3rboost who is a magician with acrylic work helped me with a few items i have in my PC. I have 2 acrylic pieces which makes the RIG pop out and make the theme of the PC oh so sweeter. The Autobots Logo and the cybertronian language which is written on the acrylic sheet which when translated makes into my nickname which is blade. I did a Ram Cooler modification as well. Basically I took a Corsair Dominator Air flow fan and stripped it off.

Then designed it to fit into the theme of the RIG. I am currently working on another modification which requires a lot of electrical work and some leds which i hope will make the front of the RIG look even more spectacular.


12. Your 3DMark06 / 3DMark Vantage score (P+GPU)

  • 3dMark 06 score = 31,052
  • 3dMark Vantage = P34,504 GPU score= 28,718

13. Do you have any Future updates planned ?

Yes i have, i plan to go SLI with the 580 and go for NVIDIA surround and possibly 3d as well

Rig of the Month January 2011

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