Guru3D Rig of the Month - January 2011

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7. Why ATI or NVIDIA, why Intel or AMD?

I have always preferred Nvidia over ATi (which is now known as AMD) because of the driver support and the added features like CUDA and Physx which nvidia offers. Nvidia most of the time work with game developers, so their hardware is always in more tune with the game's graphical feature and the frames per second are always better even though i have tried both 5xxx series from ATi and the GTX 5xx/ GTX 4xx series. Nvidia for me always came on top. I havent used AMD as a processor in my life because here in Pakistan we don't have any dealers supplying them and frankly, whenever I read reviews of AMD processors, Intel seem to be one step ahead, always.

Rig of the Month January 2011


8. Does your PC live up to your expectations ?
Yes it does, I am really satisfied by the way my build has turned out to be. And people in my community are always trying to copy my ideas.

Rig of the Month January 2011

9. What's the best part of your rig?

The best part will most certainly be my Water cooling system. I love how it keeps my Idle temps and load temps very low, when I am gaming or benchmarking.

Rig of the Month January 2011


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