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4. How much money did you spend on the rig as it is right now?

Here in Brazil is very expensive to buy high-end computer parts, for example : here a GTX 480 costs U$1000,00 in the store and in USA for example it costs U$500, and if i want to buy something from another country I need to pay plus 60% of the total, including shipping costs, to my country. Also to change Brazilian money (R$, real) to U$ i need R$1,70 to buy U$1,00. So maybe for you guys will look like I am lying but my sister as it is right now cost approximately U$7900,00.


5. How often do you update/buy a new rig?

I am very meticulous and I am always looking to change something that will bring me more performance or will make my system look better, so I almost update my system once a month or sometimes once a week.


6. What components are used?

Core i7 920 D0 @ 4.4GHZ | MSI Big Bang Xpower | SLI GTX480 | power supply Antec Quattro 1000 | sound X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty Professional| DDR3 2000 Kingston Hyperx |HP w2408h | Logitech G500 | Logitech G19 | Gamepad Xbox 360 | Case CM ATCS840 || Fans 5 Koolance mled 3 Koolance HBK | Lampatron FC2 | Watercooler | block cpu Enzotech sapphire | Block vgas Koolance Vid-NX480 | Pump 2x mcp 655 | Reservoirs 1x XSPC Laing D5 1x XSPC 250 Passive Aluminium | Tubing Primochill PrimoFlex Pro UV Blue | Fitins Bitspowe / Feser | Radiators 1 x XSPC RX360 1X XSPC RX240|


7. Why ATI or NVIDIA, why Intel or AMD?

I had bad experience using an ATI HD 5970, the video card did not have FPS stability in some games, so I came back to NVIDIA when they launched the GTX 480. I chose Intel because they are better in benchmark, of course they are more expensive than AMD but i am looking for performance.


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