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Inverting energy and returning powah !


Guru3D going green

Two strings of panels are connected towards two inverters. A solar inverter is a type of electrical inverter that is made to change the direct current (DC) electricity from a photovoltaic array into alternating current (AC) the be fed into the grid.

Guru3D going green

We have a nice sunny day outside, as you can see the string of 12 panels here is returning 2075W of current to the grid. But we now know that the energy that is created here, but where does it go ? For that we route the current back to the electricity fuse box. Let's have a look at the next photo.

Guru3D going green

This is the electrical installation as certified here in the Netherlands. To the left you can see the line for solar energy. After a circuit breaker, it's going to the fuse box where it is assigned a dedicated autimatic fuse (where you see Hager). That fuse leads towards a energy production meter monitoring how much energy is created in KWh, let's zoom in on that.

Guru3D going green

And here we have that monitoring device. Ever since the installation in December, we have made just over 700 KWh (measured in late April). And yep .. the summer still needs to begin really. We are off to a good start.

After the current is measured, it is then unleashed into the power grid. Next page please.

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