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Smooth Creations Far Cry 2 -  Guru3D

Smooth Creations Far Cry 2 -  Guru3DOne company on this globe that has an extraordinary appeal towards and vice versa is Smooth Creations.

These guys offer exactly what you guys like to see so much, enthusiast high-end kit for our gaming rigs. Now since matured to the nice age of ten years we collaborated with Smooth Creations and are giving away one of their custom design chassis, well... with a little branding.

So this little article is showing a product that you guys can actually win. Be amazed, be shocked, hate it, like it... whatever really. But once I've shown you what you are about to see, you'll surely appreciate a chassis design as shown here.

Before we begin this article, or pretty much, showcase of this chassis I like to once again introduce you to the guys that created it. Smooth Creations.

Smooth Creations is a company that is always raising the bar and pushing forward to the next level, custom made PCs that are totally pimped up. Think of the Alienware series, Vadim PCs and Voodoo PCs. Now that market obviously is difficult as Vadim is out of business, Voodoo PCs is a subdivision of HP and is hanging in there (just). So we always find it really interesting to see if there are other companies out there building PCs at that uber high-end.

SmoothCreations is such a company. You can purchase pre-built customized PCs, or if you have won the lottery, pick out your own PC and have it custom tailored. There are no real limits here, you pick your components from low-end to high-end, regular cooling, water-cooling, single GPU or 3-way SLI/CrossfireX, you name it and they make it. But they are known and feared for one particular thing... their customized chassis designs, spray paints, which are just too amazing.

Skulls, flames, dragons, mermaids, flags, space designs, customized designs, you name it and they slap it onto that chassis, and if you really want to get your freak on, they'll paint the keyboard, mouse and monitor in the same theme as well.

Smooth Creations Far Cry 2 -  Guru3D

Their work is awesome... and today I'm going to hook you up with a meet and greet of the Far Cry 2 case mod slapped onto that wicked cooler Master Cosmos chassis.

Smooth Creations Far Cry 2 -  Guru3D

Have a quick peek, and then head on over to the next page please.

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