G.Skill Z5i (Mini ITX) chassis review

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Product Showcase – the packaging

Product showcase – the packaging


The box of Z5I is mainly black with red parts. There’s a picture of the chassis and the information about the two granted design awards – IF and reddot.


The specs are given on one of the sides; on the other, you can see the sketch of the chassis with the dimensions. The total weight of a package is about 6 kg. There are two cut-outs on the side, which can help to handle the package. What can we find inside?



The two black foam pieces keep the chassis intact, and that helped during shipping. Additionally, it’s packed into a cloth bag to prevent scratches/fingerprints.



Inside, you’ll find:

  • Manual
  • Installation screws
  • Velcro ties
  • Rubber grommets for the hard drive



Let’s proceed to the evaluation of the chassis by looking at the exterior.

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