Sapphire NITRO+ S360-A and S240-A AIO review (LCS)

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Sapphire NITRO+ S360-A and S240-A review

Sapphire brings a new product range to the table, LCS, aka liquid CPU coolers. They teamed up with Asetek to design the NITRO+ S360-A and S240-A AIO. The product comes with an inventive all-in-one cable for the fans (RGB+PWM in one cable), making this an exciting product series.

The Hybrid Fan Blade Design used on the NITRO+ LCS is in conjunction with the Asetek 7th Generation Pump, ensuring optimal thermal performance. It is paired with a one-of-a-kind organic "spider" pump cap design. With its newly introduced Aspect PWM fans and daisy-chainable power/ARGB connectors, NITRO+ offers to be an attractive AIO solution for both new and experienced builders. It is also pre-applied with excellent thermal paste coverage, making it an appealing AIO solution for both new and professional builders. In addition to Asus AURA and Gigabyte Fusion support, MSI Mystic Light support, Razer Chroma support, and ASRock Polychrome support are also available for manipulating the pump's integrated ARGB effects. With a pump and radiator, ship pressure tested, pre-filled, and sealed directly from the factory to provide maintenance-free operation for years, it all sounds good. This ease of use extends to its support of the latest Intel and AMD sockets, including the latest Intel LGA 1155/1156/1200/2011, 1700, and AMD AM3/AM4 sockets, but not thread ripper. The series is equipped with a high-density water microchannel and copper finish block to offer efficient thermal conduct along with an Aluminum fin to maximize its cooling performance. Fan replacement is available with the standard built-in mounting holes.  


  • NITRO+ Hybrid Fan Blade Design & Performance 
  • User-Controlled Pump and Fan Speed Customization 
  • High-Quality EPDM Tubes with Nylon Mesh Sleeves 
  • ARGB Pass-Through Connector for maximized PC aesthetic customization
  • ASETEK 7th Gen Pump for maximal thermal performance
The SAPPHIRE NITRO+ AIO CPU Coolers fans use the new NITRO+ Hybrid Fan Blade. Axial fans usually are very silent, but they don't have enough air pressure to push air down to the parts. A blower fan can make a lot of air pressure, but it isn't quiet when it's running at a high rate of speed. The NITRO+ hybrid fan design combines the best of both worlds. It improves the downward air pressure of the axial fan design while keeping the fan noise at a level that is not too loud. During SAPPHIRE's tests, there was a four °C and 5dBA improvement over other fans.
ARGB is used on both the radiator fans and the pump. The motherboard can control and change both settings through the ARGB settings. The frame of the "spider" pump cap design, as well as NITRO+ eyes, will light up with ARGB when the SAPPHIRE AIO CPU Cooler is in use. The ARGB Pass-Through Connector lets users connect another ARGB device to their gaming PC so they can expand and customize it to look the way they want it to look.

We took a closer look at the S240-A and S360-A in both their RGB and monochrome variations. In the next test, we will determine whether or not the coolers are a clear choice in terms of cooling performance and volume.

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