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Enough Typing, How Does It Feeel?

Enough Typing, How Does It Feel?

How does the GMMK actually feel to use? Quite nice, actually. With the stock keycaps and the stock Gateron Browns, it’s very familiar and I can get my clickety-clack on pretty damn quick. The keycaps are, as I mentioned, not bad at all. For a first time mechanical keyboard buyer, it’s really pretty good. If you have a plebeian rubber dome keyboard (may you ascend) the GMMK will toss your cookies. If you’re a keyboard nut, then you’d notice the wobbly keys, the rattly stabilizers, and maybe you’d find the aluminum top plate a little too flexible. But that’s just about it. If you think that the keycaps suck, the RGB is missing, etc., etc., then that’s your subjective requirements. You should still buy the GMMK, because it is special, a version 1.0 benchmark, and you know you want to try swapping out switches.


I do worry about how the GMMK will stand up to daily abuse. We’ll be using the GMMK as a daily driver for some time. I’ve read that another modular keyboard, the Team Wolf TKL, has some quality issues with the switch sockets. Glorious has stated that the GMMK should survive around 70 swaps. This is far more than adequate, really.

Compared to a few other keyboards, the Topre 87U EK, a Ducky Year of the Goat in MX Black, and a Filco Ninja in MX Brown with IMSTO PBT keycaps, the GMMK is obviously designed to meet a price. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s pretty evident when swapping between keyboards. The GMMK feels loose with the Gateron brown switches. It’s not a bad feeling, actually, a bit like a pair of broken in running shoes. I can hit maximum speed of about 90WPM, and it feels pretty good doing it.

Swapping out the stock keycaps for something more esoteric, like Tai-Hao PBT Purple keycaps, the GMMK doesn’t really gain much. It’s all in the switches. The Gateron brown switches are just a little less stiff than their Cherry brethren, coupled with the GMMK’s light aluminum top plate makes for a fun, if loose, experience.

Overall, it’s a very good, solid board. It’s definitely the best modular keyboard, and if you want, you can easily customize it with the switches and keycaps you want, no sweat.


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