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You know, after using the GMMK for the last few weeks there really isn’t much to say other than everyone should get one. There’s no denying that the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard is special. In a segment that has become more popular and more saturated, it’s much harder to stand out from the crowd. By being modular, the GMMK stands out. Add in all the other features, the backlighting, doubleshots, and that Ascend key, and you’ve got a great keyboard under your fingers.


You know you just want that Ascend key.

There are a few shortcomings, however. The keycaps come off quite easily, and the whole keyboard is slightly flexible, even though it does weigh in at 2.1lbs. We also found the non-detachable cable somewhat of a letdown, despite its nice braided sheath, it wouldn’t stay in its guide. Lastly, the caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock lights were invisible behind the number pad keys.

With just a few quibbles, the GMMK really stands out for how much effort and smarts that Glorious has put into this keyboard. It really does feel special. With the stock keycaps and Gateron brown switches, the typing feel is very good. It’s a pleasure to type on and I prefer it to a lot of my other keyboards I have. There’s also the knowledge that should I want to try a different switch, like a Zealio, or Cherry Clear, I can do that. Since it’s also MX compatible, there’s certainly no shortage of awesome keycaps to put on it.

Highly recommended, everybody should own one. Ascend, brothers and sisters!

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Many special thanks to Shazim at Glorious for letting us review their baby; to Hilbert for letting me write here after so many years; to Tessa Updike and Jason O’Connell at SFCM for providing spectacular help. May your frame rate be high, and your draw distance far.

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