Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard review

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The indicators are recessed behind the aluminum top plate. The LED’s aren’t bright enough to shine more, and to make matters worse, the numberpad keys are tall enough to block them. If you don’t remember which one is on, you have to lean forward to take a look.


The feet and front are rubber wrapped and I had no problems with the GMMK staying put. My GMMK developed a slight wobble after I put a few post-its underneath one of the feet. The GMMK has some flex in it, and it tends to stay warped. Perhaps a little more bracing under the top plate would fix that. Otherwise you just flex it back to remove the wobble.


It may also irk some folks that the cable is non-detachable. While it is a very nice, paracord cable, it’s not detachable. It does have channels to route the cable. I did find that the cable doesn’t stay in the center channel all that well and I constantly had to stick it back in.


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