Gigabyte KM7600 keyboard mouse review

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Final Words and verdict


Final Words and verdict

We are not in the business of reviewing a keyboard/mouse combos' on a regular basis, but you know what, we really should.

Editors like yours truly sit behind a desk all day typing content, a good keyboard is an underestimated product. We feel it is is in the business segment where this keyboard combo could do really well. The kit sells at (get this) 39 USD. That is even cheaper than the gaming mouse you are using right now. For that money your receive an good set of keys. I'm, not saying it's perfect though, nope .. the backspace and delete button could have been a tad bigger alright but the unit certainly does as advertised.

Gaming wise I'd probably look at something wired, we did see a bit of lag every now and then on key responses. I need to add though that our office is cluttered and smeared with electromagnetic interference and wireless equipment at the 2400 MHz band, we have a lot of devices here alright. This set is certainly not targeted at the more enthusiast gamers anyway. We love the grip of the keyboard BTW, our desk is slippery, and the rubber mounts help out keeping that keyboard very steady on the desktop.

Overall I am certainly pleased with the unit and the functions it offers. The mouse feels responsive and work well, it is a tiny mouse though, some like that some hate it, I'm positioning myself smack down in the middle. I didn't mind but would have preferred a bigger mouse. On the topic of the mouse, I still have to wait and see how long it takes before the batteries will run out, so at one point we'll happily update this article. The fact though that it has a power off button at the back of the mouse is not really a good indicator of power consumption.

We also check out the receiver range, it is advertised at 10 meters, We reached 7 meters before we ran into trouble. Again our office is a electromagnetic rich environment with wireless router, other RF keyboards, wireless security cams and that is certainly blocking the signal to some extend. When the battery wears down that range will go down as well. Still it is well within what you probably need.

guru3d-recommended_150px.jpgSo for generic, office usage and even a 'regular' game or two we van certainly can recommend the Gigabyte KM7600. For 39 USD this set is a bargain really, you receive all the functionality you need, gave a nice soft typing keyboard that is wireless, comes with a responsive and DPI selectable mouse. As such it is recommended.

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