Gigabyte KM7600 keyboard mouse review

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Gigabyte KB7600

The key response of the keyboard is pretty good. Not too hard, not too soft. You can type really fast on this one without getting annoyed ion any way. The GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard is equipped with a full-size numeric keypad. You'll also spot no less than  fourteen Internet and Multimedia shortcut keys.

Gigabyte KB7600

The total fourteen multimedia keys correspond to functions like Home, Favorites, Refresh, Forward, Back keys, calculator, computer, mute and so on including media keys like play, pause stop etc. A volume control wheel also can be found on the GK-KM7600.

Gigabyte KB7600

When we flip her around, we spot battery socket; two (provided) "AA" size Alkaline batteries are needed to feed the unit. No power switch is to be found here, the keyboard will power up/down based on user activity.

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