GeForce GTX 770 SLI review

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Graphics card temperatures

Graphics card temperatures

So here we'll have a look at GPU temperatures. First up, IDLE (desktop) temperatures.

IDLE temperatures are always a tiny bit tricky to read out as Windows Aero could have an effect on this. Overall anything below 50 Degrees C is considered okay, anything below 40 Degrees C is very nice. We threw in some cards at random that we have recently tested in the above chart. But what happens when we are gaming? We fire off an intense game-like application at the graphics card and measure the highest temperature of the GPU. 

So with the card fully stressed we kept monitoring temperatures and noted down the GPU temperature.

  • The temperature under heavy game stress for the card stabilized at roughly 80 Degrees C. We note down the hottest GPU reading, not the average.

Please make sure your PC is well ventilated at all times, this will seriously help you on the overall GPU temperatures -- especially in multi-GPU conditions. Ventilate guys... ventilate. Now, all cards remain nicely at 80 Degrees C for the sole reason that the 770 is tied to a temperature target. If it hits 80+ Degrees C, the voltage and clock frequency will be lowered to match the Temperature setting. A poorly ventilated PC thus could show lower performance as a direct result of this.

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